designs for good
Saavani Thigale

Who is she?

A multidisciplinary designer passionate about using the power of design for good.
My creative journey started at a young age, when I painted earthen lamps for Diwali, a festival in India–where I was brought up. Around the same time, I began training in Indian Classical music. Today, I have a degree in visual communication design from the program at Arizona State University. Having lived around the world, I enjoy representing diverse perspectives in my designs.

My work is driven by wanting to make this world humanity centered and inclusive. How might I use my design education and passion towards a better future? Creativity is a powerful tool, and my design journey has been full of experimentations to understand its potential and use it for good.
Throughout my creative journey, I’ve explored different forms of design. As a visual storyteller, I enjoy data visualization, branding, illustration, motion graphics, and layouts. As a lover of the process, design research is at the core of my products and I enjoy experimenting with thousands of iterations to have the best possible outcome.

I find inspiration in the functionality and processes of nature. My creative blocks turn to biomimicry as I strive to be mindful about the impact my creations have on the environment and those around me.